Western National - Assistance Replacement Product and New Towing Procedures effective 1 August 2016

                                                                                                 Date 26 July 2016


Western National Assistance Replacement Product and New Towing Procedures effective 1 August 2016

In our continuous efforts to ensure our clients receive the best possible products and claims service we have revaluated the current Assistance product on offer.  From the research and analysis, and the limited take up and after sales usage, it is apparent that this product does not meet the needs of our clients and does not support a seamless and cost effective motor claims process.

It is with this in mind that we will implement a new Western Assist programme better suited to provide the service our clients need. The new Assist Programme is intended to improve the overall claims service and also improve the management and control of the claims costs ultimately ensuring containment of premium increases.

The rising cost of motor repairs due to the Rand/Dollar fluctuations and many other external influences, have a serious impact on the overall cost of claims.  As an Insurer we need to continue looking for quality, cost effective solutions to manage these cost on behalf of our clients.



As from 1 August 2016 all Policy holders will enjoy the benefits of the New Western Assist Product free of charge. For those client who have the existing Assist policy in place, these will be replaced with the new product and all cover related to the old programme will cease on 31st July 2016. Details of the New Western Assist value and service are attached


What does this mean for Policy Holder?

  • Policy holders with the existing Roadside Assistance product.
    • As the new product is provided free of charge, you will see a reduction in your premium equal to the premium you currently pay for the existing Assistance program.
  • Policy Holders with the Lifestyle benefits ,
    • For the few clients who currently have this service, these benefits will cease at the end of July 2016.  The new product does not provide these benefits. These services were not utilized and very few policies were extended to include this cover demonstrating limited value.
  • Roadside assistance and Accident assistance
    • These services remain and have been improved with the addition of an exclusive towing and vehicle storage service.  No more fighting with Tow truck operators at the scene of an accident, and no more anxiety about where your vehicle is being towed. This process is now controlled and managed as part of the new Assistance program.
  • Now an automatic cover on all Western policies and therefore all clients will benefit from the Western Assist services at no cost.


How does the motor accident claims process change

There is really very little change with the exception of the Tow process. It is, however, very important that all drivers are informed of this new process.

  • The enclosed “Do Not Tow” sticker must be attached to each vehicle comprehensively covered by your Western Insurance policy.
  • In the event that a tow is required (accident or other benefits offered by the policy) the Assist number must be called and a relevant tow truck will be dispatched.
  • Western Assist Number 0860 400 007
  • Under no circumstances must another tow company be allowed to pick up the vehicle as this may result in additional costs which will be incurred by the policy holder. See the attached detailed document.
  • Using this process will result in the vehicle always being dispatched to a Western approved repairer/ storage yard enabling Western to control the process and service provided on the claim
  • With Western in control of the process the claim will be dealt with immediately and finalised effectively and swiftly.
  • The standard procedure of reporting your claim to your Broker and completion of the required documentation is unchanged

Final reminder – Any tow not arranged via the Assist Number could result in additional cost for the policy holder should these costs exceed the limits stated in the attached document.

We trust you will see the benefits afforded by the change in the Product and service offering, however should you have any concerns or questions please contact your Broker who will be able to assist you.

 Your broker will also be able to provide you with additional sticker should you so require.

Assuring you of our best intention at all times